Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blog Love

 Looking through my email inbox  the other day, I noticed I had received a message from a favourite and well known blogger I follow named Carlin, creator of the ever girly blog, SuperficialGirls
I wanted to write a personal email complimenting her on her great sense of style and intriguing fashion posts. I also took the time to ask for some much needed advice, as I'm a newbie to the blogging world. Based out of Capetown, South Africa, her blog is comprised of fashion How To's , DIYS and personal notes on her everyday life. I wanted to share her kind words with all of you!

"Hi Deidre,

Thank you so much for your sweet email! I have been blogging for over three years no so it hasnt been overnight but i really try and put out the best photos and content that i can, i think taking good quality photos is really important and of course networking with other bloggers :)

Have a great day!"

Kind Regards

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