Monday, September 5, 2011

Jewllwery & Shadows

Crystal multicolored heart necklace from my boyfriend. My fav!
H&M bracelets
Eyeshadow pots from Ardene's in Electric Blue and Gold Rush
I've had the craziest most stressful move to date! I've also haven't felt so normal in the past couple of days because I have been racing against time to get my apartment set up, just in time for school, hence the reason why I have not accomplished any postings for a while! I'm sorry guys!. Im hoping desperatly that Im able to snap back into the swing of things and have some calmer days and less unlucky events arise in the coming weeks...or how about ever!

Packing up my things I noticed a few items that are very dear to me at the moment. Hope you like them!




  1. Hi Deidre~ Thanks for the comment! Cute blog subscribed!

  2. Great H&M bracelets! Love your blog and follow;)


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