Monday, January 9, 2012

Two words...Jeffery Campbell.

Jeffery Campbell Litas

Happy Monday all! Unfortunately I was hit with a mild cold over the weekend, but I've been popping Vitamin C and cold medicine non stop! Sipping on hot tea every hour and old faithful chicken noodle soup, also seemed to do the trick.

So I'm feeling much better and I'm so excited to share these new loves of mine! Every single blog I follow seem to feature Jeffery Campbell Litas; so I was shocked more than ever when I was able to snag a pair of my own. I was extremely frightened by the height of the heel until I actually tried them on. Sooooo comfortable! I'm thanking the great individual who invented platforms! Haha. I spent a good 15 min in the store walking around in them in amazement of how easy they are to maneuver in. 

I'm itching to see what pieces in my closet I can style with them!


  1. I love JC Litas and yours are really beautiful and different with the zippers.

    I love your style and blog honey, I'm your new follower. I hope you'll have time to visit mine.

  2. Jeffrey always does wonders! Very simple and chic!

  3. LOVE!!! great blog hun =D love your outfits


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