Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today's Look...

blazer and bag: Costa Blanca/skirt: H&M/ corduroy leggings: Ardene's /shoes: JC Litas/
Happy Hump day everyone! Back to my we ol' self again with regards to feeling much better to show all of you my look for today.  This over sized blazer reminds me of something my girly,  Kim Kardashian would wear.  The weather is not spring like yet, so a blazer and a floral skirt would be my go to look when I'm struggling to find what works in between seasons. 



  1. Chic look, best part are your glasses. Love them. Are you Canadian? I ask because I thought costa blanca was strictly a Canadian thing!

  2. Hi Emmett! Glad you like the post and yes I'm from Canada. :)

  3. Love this outfit, thanks so much for the follow. Great to meet fellow fashionistas on here :)


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