Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Black & Lace...

shirt and ankle boots :H&M/shorts: Sirens/leggings: Forever 21/sunglasses: Ardene's
Here are some shots that I've had hidden in the archives of my computer.  You can tell how old they are from the snow on the ground.  It's not quite summer like yet, in fact pretty grey and rainy, which leaves no inspiration for bright colours.  Wearing elements of black in an outfit is the equivalent to how I feel about a yummy cup of hot chocolate; comforting, safe and it always makes you feel good!

So now that my 2nd year of college is completed for the summer (happy dance) I'll be able to blow off some of the dust on my blog and keep it active.  Thanks a million times over for taking the time to comment on my posts.  I really feel without sincere words left on someone's blog, it makes it a little harder to want to keep it going. That being said I appreciate the love whenever I post things here.



  1. those shorts are really cute, love them!

    1. Thanks doll! Im anxious to get more colours.

  2. Lovely outfit...Shorts look fantastic! and hot chocolate is the best on a chilly day lol!!


  3. love this outfit and those lace shorts are fabulous!!! have a wonderful weekend!

    xx heidi
    life full of loves


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