Monday, July 23, 2012

Born To Be Free...

tank: denim shorts: Aeropastale/shoes: Jeffery Campbell Litas/ sunnies, hat & purse: H&M
So this is what I would call my take on a rocker chic look. Ya I know it's not my everyday go to look, but if one day I was ever given the  awesome opportunity to attend Coachella, I would probably look like this.  I purchased the "born to be free" tank, last summer online at, a  popular clothing store in Australia.  Thinking Australian medium is the same as Canadian sized medium it was a bit big and loose on me but it adjusted fine after a few washes.  I like to play dress up, that's the beauty of fashion but there would be a definite place and time for this particular look. So my question to you lovelies is,   

What type of look (s) would you try that you usually wouldn't wear?



  1. What a nice blog Honey!!! I have never visited it before, but its great!!!! Love your style. I became your new follower, if you can give a look to my last post and join to my blog too I will appreciate it too much.
    Kisses from Istanbul

  2. mmmmmm rock it beybe! ;) love the rock'n'roll style! ;)

    xxx K

  3. love this so edgy and cool.the booties are incredible, you look great hun!


  4. Hattitude Style Blog

    love this look Deidre! too cute. perfect for an outdoor festival concert! (or indoor!)
    that hat takes the cake. i love it! always glad to see a fellow torontonian!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog


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