Thursday, July 5, 2012

My office

                Favourite Things about my Internship
  1. having my very own ever.  Its not much but it's still mine and I'm proud
  2. A 50% staff discount at the fancy cafeteria downstairs.  A gourmet chicken panini with fresh yummy salad for $4?  Uhhh yess please.
  3. Staff parking with exclusive access code
  4. Master key to all the showrooms
  5. My very first work number and extension AND company email
  6. attending my first board meeting with copy editing and marketing staff...soo awesome!
  7. Writing news releases and getting buzz about a company I care about.
  8. Playing around with the  $70,000 dollar stove in one of our showrooms that Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt own.  Enough said!
  9. Feeling proud to see my hard work paying off
  10. seeing my first corporate news release, published on the company website
 It's only an internship but its a stepping stone to where I hope I can be in the near future when I graduate next year! Anyways enough ranting about my new job.  I hope to get back in the swing of things with outfit posts soon!



  1. Ahhh a window desk/office, that's pretty sweet! Glad to hear you're enjoying your internship :) have a great weekend!

  2. Love this post! Its so cute. Keep up the good work



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