Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cross Ring

Quick new post of a ring I scored from Aldo Accessories  It's a great find and I have received a lot of compliments for it.  Simple in design as you can see, of what looks to be a cross or the letter "t"...lol.  I love the sleek look of it and can also double as a weapon if I ever need it, heaven forbid!   The ring comes in  silver or gold, and for those of you who know me well,  I can never get enough of gold!!


  1. only I never could have found this ring XDDD
    love it, even though I'm everything but religious..
    like, following u back..



  2. I can never get enough as well!
    Come and visit my blog and if you like it then why dont why follow each other?
    Have a nice day!♥

  3. I loveeeed this ring!!! Super style!! xoxo


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