Friday, October 28, 2011

Golden Girl

 Hey Dolls! sorry for being M.I.A for almost 3 weeks! My life has just been hectic with school and other important things that Ive unfortunately have been dealing with.  I absolutely love this blog and I have not forgotten about you! I'll be sure to get back in the swing of things and update regularly as before. Thanks to all of your beautiful comments! It truly brightens up my busy day when I read them!!!

I've decided to do a post on these fab items that I'am lusting over because they're gold.  I've always been drawn to this metallic because its so complimenting on my skin tone and very easy to dress with.  It has the power to add luxury and glamour to any outfit whether it be an accessory or a full ensemble.

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  1. oh my goshness, i seriously don't even wear bodycon dresses but that first one is incredible! great post x


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