Friday, January 13, 2012

Hello Snow!

coat: Vintage, jeans: Costa Blanca, shoes: Jeffery Campbell, knit scarf: Urban Behavior

A big big snowfall for the first time here in Toronto.  I've been dreading this moment since the summer time, but now that it's here, I have to say I'm kinda liking it.  The downside is that it was extremely difficult driving to classes today. Going 30-40 km in a 60 zone was not fun, but it's neccessary in weather like this. 

Seeing all the snow gave me inspiration for today's outfit. Think, "Canadiana native indian".  I bought this coat 2 years ago at a thrift store and I fell instantly in love with the colours and patterns.  All that I'm missing now are a pair of snowshoes! Can't get anymore Canadian than that!  

Time and time again I know all of you have seen me with gold bangles and bracelets, but they're usually a staple in my wardrobe. I usually don't leave the house without out an excess of arm candy!

Staying in from the cold tonight  to eat some yummy pizza and catch up some of my fav blogs! 

Happy Friday dolls!!



  1. what a great jacket! ps: thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, made my day!

  2. thanks for following, you have a great blog too. And I'm also from Toronto!


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