Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My great friends, Zara & Aldo

 I find that I'm not head over heels over Zara clothes...I know I know, I but find that most of their pieces are not to my aesthetic. However, I found this very cozy knit sweater.  Grey is usually my last colour choice but complimented with the right accessories in a metallic gold, the colour instantly has a way of looking chic and sophisticated and not so depressing!  

The necklace from Aldo is something I'm experimenting with. I plan on wearing it as one of the around the collar neck pieces that are all the rage right now. Hoping to do an outfit post with these pieces soon!  I'm ever patiently waiting for this rain to stop!

p.s: Wouldn't Zara and Aldo make great baby names for a twin boy and girl? haha.



  1. hey lala,thanx 4 the nice comment on my blog,followin u!!!!nice one.
    I like the aldo neckpiece.it really stands out!

    1. Glad you liked the piece and may blog! Thnx for following back!


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