Thursday, April 12, 2012

28 years young...emphasis on "young"

April 12, 1984 is where it all began...just kidding, no essay writing here about my life up until now. Lol. I was dreading this day for weeks but now that it is here I will embrace ( loose embrace) the thought that I'm 2 years away from no longer being in my twenties.  It's a liberating thought to know of how far I've come in life and how far I will go 2, 5 or 10 years from now.  I've been catching myself thinking of what I would do diffrently when I was 21, with all the knowledge and wisdom I have now AND finally coming to terms with all the things my mom warned me about that were true. Yikes!

Today was spent hearing kind words and happy birthdays from friends and family, especially my sweet sweet little boy and my sexy sexy wonderful boyfriend. Okay, 28...bring it on.



  1. cute!!!

  2. Happy birthday girl!!! 28 is young & 30 isn't bad either so don't stress!

  3. happy belated <3
    Hope you have a blessed happy, healthy, wealthy year to come and many more


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