Monday, November 10, 2014

The A-B-C's of Fashion

Let’s face it, who else do we look to for style inspiration other than our beloved celebrities.
My personal faves include: Blake Lively, Kylie Jenner and Jourdan Dunn.

But now, Hollywood’s tiniest fashion enthusiasts have stolen our hearts and has inspired cutting-edge style for our own little ones.

Check out the A-B-C’s of fashion from the top celebrity tots, sporting this season's hottest footwear trends from Manitobah Mukluks and Dr.Martens.

     N is for North West, Kim Kardashian's little one sporting toddler sized Dr. Martens in chic black.

          Get The Look:

          Dr.Martens, BROOKLEE B infants boot in Crackle Suede

          B is for Blue Ivy, Beyonce's princess also wearing Dr. Martens in a fun floral print!

                     Get The Look:

Dr. Martens Core Print Pascal, eye boot in Yellow Daisy Softy, $175 CAD

         C is for model, Coco Rocha with infant size Manitobah Mukluks for her little one on the way!

                   Get The Look:

                        Manitobah Mukluks in Snowy Owl Charcoal, $200 CAD

Monday, August 12, 2013

Mink Pink In La La Land...

Australian based brand, MINK PINK has launched "MINKPINK in La La Land," a global campaign to get young fashionistas everywhere tickled pink about their super new collection.  

The campaign will feature fresh faced beauty, model, Chloe Norgaard as the official spokesperson wearing some of the stunning pieces,  as what the brand describes as, "Psychedelic colour," "surf punk" and "acid-house fun."

ALSO - visit the official Facebook page that features the new Facebook Scrap Attack App, allowing MINKPINK Facebook followers to design their own personalized scrapbook photo art!

The collection is now available world wide on the online store here
I think I'm ready to get my hands on some of these pieces! What do you guys think??

Happy Monday!

Monday, August 5, 2013

I've got the feeling...

Blouse: Zara * Pants, Pumps,clutch and necklace: H&M *Sunglasses: Forever 21

Here's an outfit I know I could possibly get away with at the office.  I just hate the idea of having to dress in traditional boring workplace attire, i.e  grey baggy trousers and a matching over sized blazer. Yuck!  Black and white with a splash of colour to break it up ( the necklace) will go along way when trying to stand out and stay on trend in a professional setting.

I'm not minding the sun here in the T.Dot since we've had a lack of the Vitamin D source in the past few weeks, HOWEVER, it makes it that much more difficult when it comes to taking photos!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

It's Friday already?

Bag and Shorts: Forever 21, Blouse: Urban Behavior

Just a Quick Friday post and to all my Canadian readers have a great long weekend!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Inner Miley Cyrus..."We Cant Stop!"

Not that you would find me raiding Miley Cyrus's closet anytime soon, but I can't help but love the edgy look she's rocking these days.  Here is an outfit that is not too extreme yet not too understated. Yes, the paradox of fashion!  
What do you think?

Shorts  * Top  *  Clutch  *  Shoes by Converse  *  Ring  * Lipstick

Monday, July 29, 2013

Botanical Summer

Top: Forever21, Shorts and Clutch: H&M, Shoes: Mossimo

Botanical print has been seen everywhere this summer.  It's fun and whimsy and definitely the kind of print that can only be worn once a year while it's hot.  I've been wearing the print like crazy before fall sets in and if you've been in Toronto over the past few days, fall seems like it has made a comeback already. 

Don't be suprised if you see me wearing my Mossimo platforms in every upcoming photo.  I can't get enough of them and they compliment almost every outfit I put together.  

Anyone else have a summer fashion favourite?


Friday, July 26, 2013

"F" is for Fashiolista

Fashiolista has been a sweet guilty pleasure of mine for two years; pleasantly incorporated into my online daily routine. The popular social media site for extreme fashion lovers, allows users to pick and choose their favourite "Loves" from popular retailers all over the world.  

The site has recently taken on a Tumblr esque vibe, featuring: home decor items, makeup, celebrity pictures and the ever popular instagram selfies.  

  Contests and giveaways are constant and there are many opportunities for bloggers within this niche online community of fashion enthusiasts!

Happy Friday! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Inspirational Daily Reminders

 Source: PLTW on Flickr.
I've been making it a priority lately to take better care of myself in order to have a more relaxed and happier me!  Number 8 is especially important! Whenever the opportunity presents itself I love to laugh until my insides hurt!  Easy to do since I have a comical 6-year- old boy always making me laugh.

I've been in the process of re-arranging my life for the better and creating a new plan.  Something important to do after major life changes. 

So far this year,  I  completed an intense internship from a major corporation,  graduated from college (pictures to come soon) and I have become a single lady again (cue in Beyonce).  Thus my absence from my blog!  I've been through a lot. 

A list like this is a reminder that there is only one YOU and in order to be a better YOU, practicing these 14 things daily, will make a huge difference!


Monday, July 22, 2013

I've missed LALA!

Blouse and Sunglasses: Forever 21, Shorts: Urban Planet, Necklace: H&M, Shoes: Mossimo.

Had I not decided it was time to dust off LALAGEORGIA and show it some much needed attention, not sure what Blogger would have decided to do with it!  Has it almost been a year!?!? 
I'm embarrassed and appalled by such behaviour!  

In all seriousness a lot has happened in my life this past year.  Some personal triumphs and some unexpected shake-ups.  But I'm staying positive and most importantly I'm happy.  I hope to divulge more about what life has been like for me in the year 2013 so far.