Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh...My Turban!

turban: Vintage, leather jacket: Dynamite, denim shirt and ankle boots H&M, leggings: Sirens, skirt: Urban Behavior

Finally! a somewhat okay day to go outside and take some pictures without the urge to run inside and seek shelter from the frigid cold!  Hope all of you like the turban! It's been hidden in my closet for sometime but I'm finally in the mood to try it out and have fun with it.  You ever get something with all intention of wearing it and never bringing yourself to doing so in fear of it not looking the way you expected it to?? Well that's the relationship I have with this piece. Got an inkling for a bedtime snack...Honey & Oats Special K it is. lol.



  1. Cute outfit<3
    I nominated you for " I love your blog" award.
    Follow and check it out!
    Candize B


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