Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today's Face

It is only Tuesday and I'm exhausted! I experienced one of those nights where I was just tossing and turning, so it's not surprising to me as why I feel so lackadaisical! just a quick post on the makeup I wore today.  These are some of my everyday go to items, that are quick and easy. A little secret to confess! I use the Covergirl lipstick in the bronzy red shade as a cheek tint. I find powder blushes doesn't last on my skin for very long and real cheek tints are just waaay to expensive and are not that effective! **cough**... Benetint.

Yummy salmon for dinner and a new episode of Parenthood tonight!



  1. I also think blushes don't last so long on me either! I always feel like I will see you somewhere because we live in the same area!

  2. Heey small world! Maybe we will. Im from Mississaga. Glad you liked the post!



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